Technical Report CS0084

Title: A Universal Method of Coding (Equal-length-at-output Coding)
Authors: Boris Fitingof
Abstract: Three different concepts of optimal coding method defined in [18] are compared: asymptotically optimal method of coding (AOMC), asymptotically optimal on the average method of coding (AOAMC) and universal method of codipg (UMC) for a class of sources. A sufficient condition of unversality for the class of Bernoullian sources with a given alphabet is found in terms of quasi-entropy of input words. In [18] a notion of a monotone source is introduced and used in the construction of a method of coding called K-method, where input words of various length are encoded in output words of a equal length. In this work it is proved that K-method is an AOMC for any monotone sourec, in particular, for a Bernoullian source. A special case of the K-method is considered and proved to be a UMC for the class of all Bernoullian sources with a given alphabet.
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