Technical Report CS0046

Title: Emphasizing Fault-tolerance In Parallel Computer Systems Architecture
Authors: Bretho1z Erich, Segal Zary, Strasboutger Edward
Abstract: Recent advances in the technology have made the design of inexpensive parallel fault tolerant computer systems possible. The present trend in the field is to provide systems with maximum availability and efficiency, to be used not only in time critical applications but also in general-purpose applications.

A survey is presented pointing out fault tolerancy in parallel computer systems. Duplex and reconfigurable computersystems are investigated.

The survey conclusion leads us to propose a reconfigurable, parallel, fault tolerant computer-architecture. The proposed system will-perform reconfigur~tian upon-job requirement and-fault detection.

Some research directions on the proposed system are outlinned and part of the problems are being investigated in the Technion Computer Science Department.

{Further details of the proposed system will be presented in another paper}

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