Technical Report CS0027

Authors: Glan-Carlo Rota, Stephen w. Smo1iar
Abstract: This monograph is based on a set of notes taken from lectures on combinatorics given by Professor Gian-Carlo Rota at the Massachusetss Institute of Technology in 1969. It is indeed a pleasure to finally gather this material under one cover -not so much for the originality of the results as for the Originality of the methodology. Professor Rota's constructivist approach enabled me to formulate a general modus operand1. which may, indeed, serve combinatorics in a far broader sense than is offered hereo It is all the more fitting that this material be issued through a Computer Science Department, as our methods of abstract reasoning are much more akin to those of the computer programmer than to the traditional "Satz Beweis" style of classical mathematics. Such methods may, hopefully one day extend beyond combinatorics to other areas of mathematics
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