3.1 Consonants: Each one of the signs in the left column, in Table 1 below, with the corresponding Hebrew character alongside it.

Notes: (1) The signs in parantheses (7 places), are alternatives to be used when the user's keyboard does not have the correct sign for conversion.

(2) For , we suggest t with "cedille", since this sign exists in some systems, such as in Rumanian.

(3) The character in pointed script, being a rare character and always written as in non-pointed script, will also be written by this conversion system with the same sign as , namely s, or by the letter j, thus Yisra`el or Yijra`el.

(4) Additional signs (aids): -,_ will be explained in 4.1, 4.3.2).

3.2 Vowels: In table 2 (next page) we give the vowel signs with the corresponding signs in both non-pointed and pointed Hebrew writing systems.