The Fellowship of the Flying Paladin

This is the official home page and information server of the Fellowship of the Flying Paladin, a role-playing group of some renown. It is often updated, so please reload it - and its sub-pages - often.

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since 1.1.97.


THE UNIVERSE OF MIRN-KAIA HAS BEEN TRULY CREATED. The assemblage of all powers made peace with each other around the Centre of the World, where each of the members of the Fellowship, acting together as the Talisman of Ha, has agreed to the World's existence. As a result, Mirn-Kaia came to be the only universe whose existence is a mathematical fact (not even the universe containing Earth may pride itself with such an achievement!), and the Fellowship of the Flying Paladin has completed its Great Adventure. (12.9.96)

Details of these, and the complete history books, will be published here (hopefully) soon. Meanwhile, the players have embarked on yet another adventure elsewhere... (Details to come)



The Fellowship of the Flying Paladin currently consists of:

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