Creating the Future Leaders of Israeli Hi-tech Industry

Program objectives

The program accepts students in their first year of study with exceptionally high credentials, after a substantial screening process that assesses their technological skills, potential for leadership and general compatibility with the program’s high demands.

Students accepted into the program enjoy the following benefits:
- Studying towards a degree in one of the tracks offered by the Computer Science Department
- Elective courses in Business Management and Entrepreneurship
- Full tuition scholarship
- Monthly stipend
- Activities in industry-leading hi-tech companies
- An assigned office space and a computer within the department
- Personal mentorship by a faculty member
- Possibility of acting as a teaching assistant at the in the department

The students study in a special program that includes, in addition to the degree requirements of the chosen track, courses in the fields of Business Management, and Entrepreneurship, as well as a series of lectures, workshops and visits to various hi-tech companies. During the summer breaks the students spend up to two weeks in a variety of leading hi-tech companies, and are exposed to advance R&D.

Participation in the program during all years of study is subject to maintaining a high academic record, as determined periodically, and involvement in the special activities. During the special summer programs and the first two years of studying the students are not allowed to work outside the Technion. Later on, working outside the Technion is permitted under the program’s restrictions.

For enrollment to the Computer Science Department please contact the
Technion Undergraduate Studies office
or the Undergraduate Secretariat, Computer Science Department,
Taub Building, Technion, Haifa, 320003
Tel: 04-829-4344; Fax: 04-829-4841