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Prof. Ron Kimmel

Contact information
Office Hours:
Sunday, 13:30-14:30 by appointment
Research interests
Computer vision, graphics, Geometric machine learning and big data, computational medicine and biometry, applied metric and differential geometries.
Selected publications
  • R. Kimmel, Numerical Geometry of Images: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications. Springer, Nov. 2003.
  • G. Sapiro, R. Kimmel, D. Shaked, B. Kimia, and A. M. Bruckstein. Implementing continuous-scale morphology via curve evolution. Pattern Recognition, 26(9):1363-1372, 1993.
  • R. Kimmel, A. Amir, and A. M. Bruckstein. Finding shortest paths on surfaces using level sets propagation. IEEE Trans. on PAMI, 17(1):635-640, 1995.
  • R. Kimmel and A. M. Bruckstein. Tracking level sets by level sets: A method for solving the shape from shading problem. Comp. Vision and Image Understanding, 62(2):47-58, 1995.
  • R. Kimmel and A. M. Bruckstein. Global shape from shading. Comp. Vision and Image Understanding, 62(3):360-369, 1995.
  • R. Kimmel, D. Shaked, N. Kiryati, and A. M. Bruckstein. Skeletonization via distance maps and level sets. Comp. Vision and Image Understanding, 62(3):382-391, 1995.
  • V. Caselles, R. Kimmel, and G. Sapiro. Geodesic active contours. International Journal of Computer Vision, 22(1):61-79, 1997.
  • L. Cohen and R. Kimmel. Global minimum for active contours models: A minimal path approach. International Journal of Computer Vision, 24(1):57-78, 1997.
  • R. Kimmel. Intrinsic scale space for images on surfaces: The geodesic curvature flow. Graphical Models and Image Processing, 59(5):365-372, 1997.
  • N. Sochen, R. Kimmel and R. Malladi. A Geometrical Framework for Low Level Vision IEEE Trans. on Image Processing, Special Issue on PDE based Image Processing , 7(3):310-318, 1998.
  • R. Kimmel and J. A. Sethian. Computing Geodesic Paths on Manifolds Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, 95(15):8431-8435, July, 1998.
  • R. Kimmel. Demosaicing: Image reconstruction from color CCD samples. IEEE Trans. on Image Processing, 8(9):1221-8, Sept. 1999
  • R. Goldenberg, R. Kimmel, E. Rivlin, and M. Rudzsky. Fast Geodesic Active Contours. IEEE Tran. on Image Processing, 10(10):1467-1475, 2001.
  • G. Zigelman, R. Kimmel, and N. Kiryati, Texture mapping using surface flattening via multi-dimensional scaling, IEEE Trans. on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 8(2):198-207, 2002.
  • R. Kimmel and A.M. Bruckstein. On regularized Laplacian zero crossings and other optimal edge integrators, Int. Journal of Computer Vision, 53(3):225-243, 2003.
  • A. Elad (Elbaz) and R. Kimmel. On bending invariant signatures for surfaces, IEEE Trans. on PAMI, 25(10):1285-1295, 2003.
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