The Shimon Even Memorial Page

Ongoing Commemoration Projects
Funds to commemorate Shimon Even were established at the Weizmann Institute and at the Technion.
These funds, bearing Shimon's name, are dedicated to hand awards to graduate students in Theoretical Computer Science. For details, see the web-page of the WIS fund.


A book in memory of Shimon Even was published in Springer's LNCS Festschrift series (as Vol 3895).
The book contains research contributions and surveys by former students and close collaborators of Shimon. In accordance with Shimon's style and principles, these papers aim to address natural problems and be accessible to most researchers in theoretical computer science.  


A series of yearly memorial lectures in honor of Shimon Even is held at the Academic College of Tel-Aviv Yaffo.


A yearly Memorial Day for Shimon Even is held at the Technion.


Work in memory of Shimon Even

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