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Prof. Assaf Schuster

Joseph and Sadie Danciger Chair in Engineering

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Office Hours:
No office hours
Research interests
Parallel and Distributed Computing; Peer-to-Pear Computing Large ScaleData Mining; Scalable Model Checking; High-Performance ComputerArchitecture; Shared Memory Consistency Models; Java Memory Model; FaultTolerance; Distribute Shared Memory; Non-Stop Systems.
Selected publications

BEN-AROYA, I., CHINN, D., and SCHUSTER, A., "A lower bound for nearly minimal adaptive and hot potato algorithms", Algorithmica, Vol. 21, pp. 347-376, 1998. Preliminary version in Proceedings of the 4th European Symposium on Algorithms, pp.471-485, Barcelona, 1996.

ITZKOVITZ, A., SCHUSTER, A., and BEN-MORDEHAI, O.Z., "Towards Integration of data-race detection in DSM systems", Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing. Special issue on Software Support for Distributed Computing, I. Ahmad and F. Lau (eds.), Vol. 59, No. 2, pp. 180-203, 1999.

ITZKOVITZ, A., and SCHUSTER, A., "MultiView and MilliPage - fine-grain sharing in page-based DSMs, Proceedings of the 3rd Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI), pp. 215-228, New Orleans, 1999. US patent pending, Application No. 09/161,810.

GONTMAKER, A., and SCHUSTER, A., "Java Consistency: non-operational characterizations for Java memory behavior", ACM Transactions On Computer Systems (TOCS), Vol. 18, No. 4 pp. 333-386, 2000.

BEN-DAVID, S., HEYMAN, T., GRUMBERG, O., and SCHUSTER, A., "Scalable distributed on-the-fly symbolic model checking", Proceedings of Conference on Formal Methods in Computer-Aided Design, Austin, pp. 20-34, 2000.

GOTSMAN, C., REISMAN, A., and SCHUSTER, A., "Interactive-rate animation generation by parallel progressive ray-tracing on distributed-memory machines", Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, Vol. 60, pp. 1074-1102, 2000.

KOGAN, D., and SCHUSTER, A.," Remote reference counting: distributed garbage collection with low communication and computation overhead revised version", Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing. Special Issue on Java on Clusters (E. Dekel, Ed.). Preliminary version in 5th European Symposium on Algorithms, Graz, pp. 308-325, 1997.

SCHUSTER, A., ARIDOR, Y., EILAM, T., FACTOR, M., SCHUSTER, A., and TEPERMAN, A., "Transparently obtaining scalability for a cluster java virtual machine", Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, Special Issue on Java on Clusters (E. Dekel, Ed.), Proceedings of the ACM Java Grande Conference, pp. 168-177, San Francisco, 2000. Has been selected as one of the three Best IBM Computer Science Papers 2000.

SCHUSTER, A., and WOLF, R., "Communication efficient distributed mining of association rules", Proceedings of the ACM SIGMOD, Santa Barbara, 2001.