CS 2019-20 Graduation Ceremony

CS 2019-20 Graduation CeremonyOn Thursday, October 15, 2020, the Computer Science Department celebrated in a virtual broadcast on YouTube the graduation of 315 students. Technion President, Prof. Uri Sivan, Dean of Technion Undergraduate Studies Prof. Hossam Haick and CS Dean, Prof. Dan Geiger congratulated the graduates, and Vice Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Prof. Benny Kimelfeld, together with actor and comedian Idan Alterman, conducted the event with a humorous tone and lot's of punches, including a piano interlude by Alterman.

This year, 49 graduated cum laude and received the Dean Excellency Designation and 13 graduated summa cum laude and received the President Excellency Designation in a ceremony that was festive and exciting despite the virtual transfer.

Congratulations to all CS 2019-20 Graduates!

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