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CS Dean Execellence And Programming Contests Winners
Sunday, April 29, 2018
CS Dean Execellence And Programming Contests Winners
The winners of Spring semester 2016 CS President and Dean Execellence Award and 2017 Programming Contest were awarded in a ceremony held in the faculty on April 26, 2018.

The event hosted guests and family members of 33 Persistent President and of 180 Dean Excellent students and young leading programmers who won the traditional programming contest of the Faculty of Computer Science held for the 12th time in June 2017, generously sponsored by Google, and of excellent students who received acknowledgment, courtesy of Apple, for their outstanding studies and their contributive activity for the community.

The ceremony was conducted by Prof. Shaul Markovitch, CS Vice Dean for undergraduate studies, and among the speakers were Prof. Dan Geiger, CS Dean, and Google representative, Mr. Assaf Samuel who also granted the programming contest winners and Apple Israel representative, Mr. Oren Segal. Guest lecture was Prof. Erez Braun from the Faculty of Pysics at the Technion. He gave a fascinating lecture about Form formation patterns in the still and living nature. A musical performance was given by the ensemble Noam Dayan on Kemenche and Avishay Borovsky on piano.

Congratulations to all our excellent students and young programmers.

Pictures from the ceremony.
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