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New Book by Prof. Avram Sidi
Wednesday, March 7, 2018
New Book by Prof. Avram Sidi Congratulation to Prof. Avram Sidi on his new book: Vector Extrapolation Methods with Applications, published by SIAM (No. 17 SIAM Series on Computational Science and Engineering).

About the book:
An important problem that arises in different disciplines of science and engineering is that of computing limits of sequences of vectors of very large dimension. Such sequences arise, for example, in the numerical solution of systems of linear and nonlinear equations by fixed-point iterative methods, and their limits are simply the required solutions to these systems. The convergence of these sequences, which is very slow in many cases, can be accelerated successfully by using suitable vector extrapolation methods. Thus, these methods reduce computing times considerably.

Vector Extrapolation Methods with Applications is the first book dedicated fully to the subject of vector extrapolation methods. It is a self-contained, up-to-date, and state-of-the-art reference on the theory and practice of the most useful of these methods. It covers all aspects of the subject, including development of the methods, their convergence study (with complete proofs in most places), numerically stable algorithms for their implementation, and their various applications.

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