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CS Excellent Students (SAMBA) Ceremony 2018
Tuesday, July 3, 2018
CS Excellent Students (SAMBA) Ceremony 2018 On Monday, July 2, 2018 CS held a Followships Award Ceremony for Excellent Students in Computer Science (SAMBA) in honor of the donating families, the winning students and their guests. Mr. Ofer Simhoni represented the American Technion Society (ATS).

Prof. Benny Kimelfeld hosted the event and Dean Prof. Dan Geiger congratulated the winning students on their achievements. Mr. Israel Abramovich, Ms. Nurit Lavi and Ms. Yonit Lev spoke on behalf of the donating families and in memory of Yosefa Abramovich, Assaf Lavie and Guy Shevet. Each of the granted students amused the guests with a personal witty speech and thanked the donating families.

The fellowships were generously granted this year as follows:

The Yosefa Abramovich Foundation, founded by Elbit Systems, granted Anny Firer and Omer Rappaport in memory of Mrs. Yosefa Abramovich. The prize was presented by Israel Abramovich and his children Hilli and Talor.

The Check Point Technologies Assaf Lavie Foundation granted fellowships to Nir Bacharach, Ron Ytzhak, Noa Marelly, Gal Shalom, Yuval Shilo and to Artyum Shtefan. The prize was presented by Nurit and Gadi Lavie.

The Mellanox Technologies Guy Shevet Foundation granted fellowships to Aviram Imber and to Assaf Shomer. The prize was presented by Eitan and Anat Shevet, and Mellanox representative and Mellanox representative, Ms. Lilly Pelzmann-Harel.

Thanks to all participants and all donors and congratulations to all 2017/18 fellowships winners!

Pictures from the event.

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