The MATRIX - Deconstructed

The MATRIX - DeconstructedMonday, March 9, 2004: In front of a full Taub Audtorium 1, George Borshukov, visual effects technology supervisor of ESC Entertainment, presented the story of his group's remarkable contribution to the making of the MATRIX movies. Adroitly mixing intricate technical information with live-action footage, Borshukov brought to life the tremendous efforts that resulted in the most photo-realistic computer animation yet seen on film. The captivating talk gave both a clear view of the real-life application of science and technology that many of us are familiar with in the academic environment, and an entertaining glimpse into what it means to make a grand-scale movie. In the making of the Matrix movies, Borshukov relied heavily on the "Mental Ray" technology created by the Mental Images company. Borshukov and Ludwig Von Reiche, Executive Vice President of Mental Images, were visiting us for the first time today. Mental Images, has recently joined our Industrial Affiliates Program (IAP), and we look forward to a fruitful cooperation. More information on this Berlin-based company can be found in


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