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Who touched my keyboard? Learning to identify a typist
Monday, September 1, 2003
Who touched my keyboard? Learning to identify a typistA computer system developed by students in the Data Mining Laboratory at the Computer Science Department is able to identify the typist according to typing patterns.

Ido Yariv and Mordechai Nisenson, working under the supervision of Dr. Ran El-Yaniv and Prof. Ron Meir (of the EE Dept.) are responsible for the new development.

The idea of identifying a typist according to the resulting "keystroke dynamics" has been around at least since the 80's. While currently available technologies can identify a typist typing fixed phrases (like passwords) the new technology developed in the data mining laboratory is capable of identifying a typist typing free text. The project won a $1000 prize of the IAP creativity context.

See some English media coverage in : Yahoo Finance, Discover, Technologyreview, ScienceDaily, e4engineering, The Jerusalem Post; and Hebrew in: Globes, Ynet, Yated Ne'eman, MSN.
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