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GIP project appears in Israeli TV news
Friday, January 31, 2003
GIP project appears in Israeli TV newsChannel 2 news broadcasted an item about a research project performed in the Geometric Image Processing Lab in the Computer Science Department. The project presents a new approach for face 3D recognition based on a coded-light range camera, which allows acquisition of the face in a fraction of a second. The acquired 3D surface is processed into a special representation, called the "bending-invariant canonical form". This representation is insensitive to facial expressions and postures, head orientation and illumination conditions. The recognition accuracy of the 3D face recognition system is very high; in the tests performed in the lab it was able to distinguish between identical twins, Alex and Michael Bronstein, two co-authors of the work. The project is headed by Prof. Ron Kimmel , and has already invoked interest of industrial and commercial organizations.


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