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CS undergraduate project get national exposure.
Tuesday, June 10, 2003
CS undergraduate project get national exposure.The Maariv newspaper published an article about a project performed in the Distributed systems Laboratory that investigated scalable coordination among mobile nodes using wireless gossiping technology. In this projected, conducted by Yaniv Altshuler, Yony Laserson, Yaron Yaffe, under the supervision of Dr. Roy Friedman, a simulation model for evaluating and experimenting various gossip based coordination protocols was developed. Such protocols are much more scalable, robust, fault-tolerant and energy efficient than centralized solutions. The main challange is that each mobile node needs to take local decisions based on partial and possibly outdated information obtained by occasional gossiping with other nodes. As a proof of concept, the simulation model was also used to investigate scalable coordination huristics among autonomic fire-trucks, and compare them with a centralized approach.
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