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The Faculty is awarded an IBM Shared University Grant
Wednesday, January 1, 2003
The Faculty is awarded an IBM Shared University GrantThe Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering and Medical Faculties of the Technion have been awarded an IBM Shared University Research (SUR) grant. The IBM SUR program is a worldwide equipment award program designed to promote research in areas of mutual value and interest to IBM and universities. Four laboratories - one in the Medical Faculty, two in the Computer Science Faculty (Center for Graphics and Geometric Computing (CGGC) & Geometric Image Processing Lab (GIP)) and one in the Mechanical Engineering Faculty (CAD lab) - beneficiaries of the equipment grant, will be combining resources and expertise in the area of multidimensional medical image analysis, processing and visualization. The research will be conducted in collaboration with the Hybrid Service Platforms Group and other group in IBM's Haifa Research Lab). The core Technion group will grow to include other groups and laboratories interested in medical imaging, such as the Technion's Biomedical Engineering Faculty.
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