The program offers many benefits to its members. The most important is the exclusive opportunity to influence the research and education in the computer-science department, and to participate in long range technical assessments of problems and directions in the field. Contacts with prospective employees can be established easily. Special seminars and mini-courses focusing on company technologies can be arranged. Faculty members are available for informal technical discussions and more formal presentations.

Program Benefits

Research & Development

  • Attend the faculty's annual "Research Day".
  • Participate in the "Industrial Project" course.
  • Perform joint software projects with the faculty labs*.
  • Match partners for joint research proposals to the Chief Scientist and the European Community.
  • Interact professionally with faculty researchers.
  • Attend departmental colloquia.
  • Participate in the Industry Advisory Board.

Human Resources

  • Hold company recruitment events.
  • Advertise job openings by email to interested students.
  • Advertise job openings on the IAP website.
  • Advertise job openings on electronic board in CS lobby.
  • Employ graduate students for summer internships.
  • Send company employees to industrial M.Sc program*


  • Attend faculty seminars, conferences and symposia.
  • Offer mini-courses focusing on company technologies.
  • Offer guest lectures in academic courses.
  • Send company employees to attend academic courses.
  • Receive courses given by faculty members to company onsite*.
  • Access faculty library.

Public Relations

  • Increase company visibility within the faculty - company logo on the "Industrial Affiliates" web page and on a plaque in the faculty lobby.
  • Distribute announcements on company events (recruiting days, mini-seminars etc.) to staff and students.
  • Advertise company events on electronic board in CS lobby.
  • Hold technological exhibitions within faculty.
  • Advertise in "Homepage" – faculty's semi-annual magazine*.

* may incur extra charge