Research Day - Poster Information

Shalom all,

The poster size will be 90x120 cm. Printing will be done through the IAP (Gady Paran,, so you will not have to handle the printing by yourself.

Note that the poster size is very large, even larger than an A0 paper. The large poster near room 445 (Geometrical Image processing Lab) is approximately that size (for comparison, the brown pins-boards in your offices are of size 110x120).

Please note that printing takes about a week, so the deadline for submission of files is at 10/6/2007.

You can find more detailed instructions and information on the preparation of the posters at

Useful information on how posters are best prepared can be found at the following links:

Hoping for a successful event,



One More Comment

It should be emphasized that the posters are 90 x 120 cm, meaning 3:4 aspect ratio. This is not the most standard aspect ratio (the Ax paper sizes have aspect ration 3:4.24). The 3:4 aspect ratio has to be kept strictly, otherwise the result might be distorted. So if you are using one of the ready-made PPT templates to be found on the Web, make sure it has the correct aspect ratio, or modify it so that it does.