CGGC Seminar: Geometry Treatment in Fictitious domain Methods

בנג'מין ווסרמן (אונ' מינכן)
יום ראשון, 24.3.2019, 13:30
טאוב 401

Fictitious domain methods are an elegant way to circumvent a tedious discretization process, mostly meshing. The core idea is to embedded the geometrically complex model into a fictitious domain, which has zero stiffness assigned. The complexity of the model is then recovered on the integration level, where the only information required from the model is an unambiguous, reliable point membership classification (PMC) on the integration points. This point membership classification can be easily carried out for B-Rep models using e.g. ray-casting. For other models like CSG, point clouds, or flawed B-Rep models these PMC tests can, or must be adapted accordingly.

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