Pixel Club: Big Data-small Data: Image Classification for Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis

דורי פלג (מדטרוניק)
יום שלישי, 13.12.2016, 11:30
חדר 1061, בניין מאייר, הפקולטה להנדסת חשמל

Capsule Endoscopy for the Colon is an emerging market with the potential to become a screening tool for detecting colorectal cancer. The patient swallows a pill that includes cameras which provide a video of the digestive system. If a significant polyp, which is a precursor to colorectal cancer, is detected with the capsule, the patient will be referred to Colonoscopy to have it treated.

In this talk the challenge of detecting polyps will be introduced. Highlights of one of the machine learning approaches that we employ will be highlighted. Furthermore, a general method for image classification in images will be presented.

​​Short bio:
​Dori Peleg has completed his PhD at the Technion under the supervision of Prof. Ron Meir in the department of electrical engineering. He is an algorithm manager and technical fellow at Medtronic (formerly Given Imaging). His primary research interests are machine learning techniques for object recognition in images and optimization.

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