ceClub: Infrastructure Sharing in Cellular Networks

פרנצ'סקו מלנדרינו (האונ' העברית בירושלים)
יום רביעי, 25.11.2015, 11:30
חדר 861, בניין מאייר, הפקולטה להנדסת חשמל

The talk summarizes the main challenges and opportunities of infrastructure sharing in present and future cellular networks. We begin by assessing, through real-world demand and deployment traces, how sharing can improve the efficiency of present-day networks, especially in rural areas. We then move to next-generation networks, exploring the relationship (and the potential conflict) between sharing and competition regulations. Finally, we study the relationship between traditional and virtual operators sharing the same SDN-based, virtualized core network.

Francesco Malandrino is currently a Fibonacci Fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Before his current appointment, he was a post-doc at CTVR/Trinity College, Dublin and Politecnico di Torino, Italy, where he obtained his Ph.D. His interests focus on mobile networks with infrastructure.

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