ceClub: Ownership-Aware Software-Defined Backhauls in Next-Generation Cellular Networks

פרנצ'סקו מאלנאדרינו (האונ' העברית בירושלים)
יום רביעי, 20.5.2015, 11:30
חדר 1007, בניין מאייר, הפקולטה להנדסת חשמל

Future cellular networks will be owned by multiple parties, e.g., two mobile operators, each of which controls some elements of the access and backhaul infrastructure. In this context, it is important that as much traffic as possible is processed by the same party that generates it, i.e., that the coupling between traffic and network ownership is maximized.

Software-defined backhaul networks can attain this goal; however, existing management schemes ignore ownership altogether. We fill this gap by presenting an ownership-aware network management scheme. Our simulations show that its performance is very close to the optimum, and substantially higher than the one of state-of-the-art alternatives

Francesco Malandrino earned his Ph.D. from Politecnico di Torino, Italy and is currently a Fibonacci Fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His research interests mainly focus on wireless networks with infrastructure, especially next-generation cellular networks.

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