Haifux, Haifa Linux Club: Drupal

מיכאל שמילוב, יוני לימור (yam-design) וישראל דוד
יום שני, 1.3.2010, 18:30
טאוב 6

Drupal is an open source content management system that developed into a web application framework written in PHP, it is used to build a wide variety of high-profile web sites, including open source projects like the Linux Journal, online news publishers like The New York Observer , and social networking communities like MTV UK. The talk will begin with an overview of Drupal: its capabilities and its usage profile. Some ready-to-use Drupal full-blown installs will be shown as well. The second half of the talk will give us an idea of what it feels like to switch to Drupal, after seven years of web site development.

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