Haifux, Haifa Linux Club: Sockets in the Linux Kernel

רמי רוזן
יום שני, 17.8.2009, 18:30
טאוב 6

We will focus in this lecture about Linux Kernel sockets. Specifically, we will deal with the implementation the following sockets in the Linux kernel:
UDP socket.
Raw sockets.
Unix Domain sockets.
Netlink sockets.

We will describe the mechanism of sending and receiveing packets with these types of kernel sockets, demonstrating it with short user space applications. We will also deal with Control Messages (aka "ancillary data") and demonstrate retrieving/setting data with Control Messages. We will also demonstrate and its usage with these sockets. We will discuss socket options and how to set and retrieve kernel socket options from user space, with examples. We will give a short example of UDP socket receiving data in asynchronous mode. We will discuss how raw sockets are used in the familiar "ping" and "traceroute" utils. We will discuss the usage of domain sockets as an IPC (Inter process communication) mechanism. We will discuss netlink sockets as a messaging subsystem between kernel and userspace, and demonstrate this mechanism.

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