Pixel Club Seminar: Semantically Linked Instructional Content

אלון אפרת
יום שלישי, 30.6.2009
חדר 337, בניין טאוב למדעי המחשב

In this talk we will discuss the SLIC project developed at the University of Arizona and IBM Almaden Research center. The SLIC (Semantically Linked Instructional Content ) aims to assist students and scholars efficiently browse and seek segments of interest in educational videos of lectures and talks. In particular, it focuses on lectures that use slides, where the content of the slides file gives valuable hints as to how to break the video into meaningful parts (segments), and how to enable students to access these segments. In this way, a student who is seeking a specific topic in the video of a lecture(s) can first find the relevant slide(s), and start watching the video only from the segment(s) where this slide was used. Using similar ideas, the system can also improve significantly the understandability of the video, improve its quality, and increase the overall effectiveness of the learning process. The system also enables a user wishes to watch an educational video using a PDA, to overcome the technical difficulties that the PDA poses, such as limited bandwidth and small screen.

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