Is there support for travelling to conferences?

Yes. Support is currently available both from the Faculty and from the Graduate School.

Support from the Graduate School

פFor details of the School’s procedure for support and the criteria for financial support for travel, see the School website. These criteria vary from time to time. In particular, please note that applications are submitted in advance on four predetermined dates – don’t miss out! Also note that the main criterion for examining the application is academic excellence. Accordingly, it is extremely important to include a letter from the supervisor with the application.

lease attach to the application an undertaking from the Faculty and/or supervisor to provide matching support. To this end, students requesting support from the School must also contact the Faculty and their supervisor in advance.

Support from the Faculty

The support is at the level of $400 ($300 from the Faculty and an additional $100 special grant in a limited sum from the Friends of the Faculty). The support is conditioned on presentation of an article on which the student has worked during their studies at an important conference in the field.

Please submit the forms together with a letter from the supervisor explaining the importance of the conference. Submission of the forms at least one month before the date of travel will enable receipt of the support before travel. Applications will not be accepted after the travel has taken place!

Please submit the application to Limor Gindin, who can also offer explanations and advice.


  1. The contribution from the Faculty is provided for both scholarship recipients and external students (including scholarship students who have completed their scholarship), and for no more than one travel each year. External students only receive $200.

  2. Support will not be provided for conferences held more than six months after the final examination.

  3. Students who receive support for travel from other Faculty sources (such as prizes), or who are entitled to such support, will receive reduced support.

  4. The forms are available on the Forms page.

  5. The procedures for support and the sums may be changed without advance notice.

  6. The author’s address in the article must be the Faculty of Computer Studies at the Technion. 

Travel authorizations

Please note that any overseas travel by scholarship recipients, including travel for vacations and travel without the participation of the Technion, requires authorization of travel. The supervisor’s signature should be obtained first, followed by the signature of the Teaching Coordinator at the Faculty. The Graduate Studies Coordinator at the Faculty will only sign on behalf of the Deputy Dean for Graduate Studies after the supervisor and Teaching Coordinator have signed. The signed form should then be forwarded to the Graduate School for approval.

For further information, see the Students Travel Procedure (Heb) page.