How to Distribute Information on a Seminar for M.Sc., Ph.D., or Direct Track?

As students for an M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree near the completion of their research, they must hold a seminar describing the subject and outcomes of their research. Students must also hold a seminar before requesting to switch to the direct doctorate track. The lectures are held on Wednesdays and should be scheduled in coordination with the Graduate Studies Coordinator at the Faculty, and with the supervisor’s agreement.

  • Graduate School instructions for seminar publication and distribution.

  • Faculty distribution: The information should be distributed using the system on the Faculty website, as described here under M.Sc. and Ph.D. Seminars (this link is identical to the link How to Update Information on the Website at the bottom of this page). Please note that you must edit the template without changing its format and without changing the control and dividing markers (for example in the date). Also note that msc_seminar and phd_seminar are text files to which the template is to be saved after making the changes (they are not directories or HTML files). It is not a good idea to edit the file directly at its final location, since the content is taken as soon as the system identifies the presence of the file. It is also not a good idea to edit using OFFICE/WORD, as this software adds signs that dissect the file when it is read onto the website (for a solution to this problem, see the comments below). The same link also includes a mechanism for checking the structure of the file you have prepared (the mechanism only checks the structure of the file and does not update on the website itself; accordingly, it does not check signs that dissect the file).

    The system adds the seminar to the list of lectures on the Faculty website (within no more than 30 minutes) and sends a notice approximately three days before the lecture to the CS-GRAD-SEMINARS-L distribution list (which includes faculty members, M.Sc. and Ph.D. students, the Graduate Studies Coordinator, the Technion distribution list seminar.technion and anyone who wants to join the list). The system does not send a reminder on the day of the lecture, and you are also asked not to send reminders to large distribution lists.

Notice of a seminar for a direct doctorate track should also be distributed to the referees, in addition to the Faculty distribution.

Please note: A seminar lecture for M.Sc. or Ph.D. must be held at least two weeks before the submission of the thesis, and not more than one year before submission. The seminar lecture should be coordinated with the Graduate Studies Coordinator (and with the supervisor) at least two weeks before the lecture. It is recommended that the lecture be given during the winter or spring semesters (rather than in summer, when some faculty members, and possibly the supervisor, may be unavailable). In order to prevent last-minute problems, it is a good idea to hold the seminar lecture at least two months before the submission of the thesis.

Additional comments

  1. Please check with your supervisor that the date is suitable before distributing the notice. The date is not to be changed after distribution.

  2. If despite the above there is a change in the time of the seminar lecture, please update the information in the msc_seminar or phd_seminar file in your possession. If the original notice remains on the website after the update, please ask Rivka Zur to delete the old notice from the website. Other information in the file can also be updated and will be updated on the website. In any case, the website system will not send further notice. If the time has changed, you can send an update letter yourself to

  3. The notice distributed through the Faculty distribution system and on the Faculty website will appear under your name as it appears on the website. If the name has changed, please ask for it to be updated on the site (prior to distribution). See under Personal Information in How to Update Information on the Website.

  4. It is possible to view previous messages and to join the list through the Distribution List Website (all faculty members and students are automatically registered). All notices also appear on the Faculty website under Lectures.

  5. If your name does not appear on the List of Students on the Faculty website (this happens very rarely), the website system mechanism may not work. If this is the case, please ask Rivka Zur to add you to the list of students.

  6. In order to check that the system has received your notice, look on the Faculty page under Lectures to see whether a notice appears about your lecture. If the notice appears, the email will be sent automatically approximately three days before the lecture.

  7. If the abstract appears dissected on the website, you probably used WORD to prepare the file, and the software has left non-standard ASCII symbols. Please use Emacs or vi to go over all the apostrophes, hyphens, and other suspicious symbols in the file you prepared, delete them, and reenter from the keyboard. 

  8. The dispatch to the Faculty distribution should be undertaken from the csd account of the student giving the lecture (all students have a csd account). Do not do this from any other account, including the supervisor’s account.

  9. Dispatch for publication otherwise than as described above will not be recognized. In particular, a seminar lecture given in combination with an area seminar (e.g. the Pixel Club) will be published through the area seminar distribution in addition to publication as described above, and not instead.