What is a Research Proposal?

Research Proposal for an M.Sc. Degree

הThe submission of a research proposal for an M.Sc. student is intended for the approval of the student’s research topic and the appointment of the supervisor. Graduates of four-year B.Sc. degrees are usually required to submit the proposal within two semesters from beginning their studies, while graduates of three-year B.Sc. degrees are required to submit the proposal within three semesters. In some cases, the research proposal may be submitted as part of the registration process.

We recommend that students admitted to M.Sc. studies take advantage of the course study requirements in the first semester of their studies to expand their horizons and examine their interest in potential research topics (and they should continue to do so until they submit a research proposal). At the same time, it is a good idea to contact potential supervisors in order to examine their requirements and to obtain information about possible research topics (the list of Faculty members and research topics is available on the Faculty website on the Graduate Studies page).

Please note: it is recommended not to put off beginning the search for a supervisor until the end of the allotted timeframe, since the process of securing agreement from the supervisor and writing the research proposal may take several months. The supervisor must be a member of the Faculty of Computer Studies (in exceptional cases, students may consult with the coordinator in advance).

The research proposal must include:

  1. The name of the research topic (in Hebrew and English);

  2.  An introduction describing the scientific background, literature, and similar studies;

  3. The goals of the study and detailed questions the study will attempt to answer (for example, hypotheses that will be tested, programs to be written, etc.), an explanation of the interest in the study and of the importance of its undertaking;

  4. Details of partial outcomes, if any have already been obtained;

  5. Means: computer, software, languages, etc. (in a project), or techniques and algorithms (in research);

  6. Bibliography;

  7. The details should allow a reader who is not an expert in the research field to understand its subject and what the author wishes to investigate;

  8. The length of the proposal is at least two pages and up to 10 pages, at the supervisor’s discretion.

  9. Please attach a separate sheet stating the research subject in Hebrew and English.

  10. Most supervisors require that the research proposal be written in LaTeX in English.

In addition, please attach an Approval Form (Word) (pdf) for a Research Topic.

Please send an electronic copy of the research proposal (in a PDF file) to the Graduate Studies Coordinator, as well as submitting by hand a printed copy together with the Approval Form for a Research Topic.

If one of the supervisors is not a Faculty member, please ask them to send their resume in a PDF file to the Graduate Studies Coordinator.

Research Proposal for a Ph.D. Degree

A doctorate research topic is submitted as part of the application for admission to doctorate studies. It is recommended that a short research proposal with a scope of 1-5 pages be attached to the application for doctorate studies, using a similar format to that for the M.Sc. research proposal. On the recommendation of the intended supervisor, the acceptance of candidates with a general research topic who have not yet formulated a specific research proposal will also be considered. In such cases, the title of the research topic should be attached to the application for admission, together with a non-binding paragraph describing possible avenues of research.