How to apply for fellowships and prizes?

Information about prizes and scholarships for which students may apply is publicized periodically.

This information is publicized through several channels, usually by email. In some instances, it is sent by the graduate school directly to students. In other cases, it is sent by faculty to individual faculty members and/or students.

Whenever information about a prize or scholarship is publicized by the Graduate Studies Coordinator, a call-for-applications is added to the list of scholarships and prizes on the information page for advanced degrees.

Those interested in applying are asked to prepare all the material specified in the call-for-applications. In the case of prizes, a faculty candidacy form is also required. All material must be submitted to the faculty’s Graduate Studies Coordinator, unless specified otherwise in the call-for-applications. If (two or more) recommendations are required, these should include one from (each of) the student’s advisor(s), and at least one from a recommender other than the student’s advisors, even if this results in more than the number of recommendation letters specified in the call-for-applications.