What is an internal student? What is an external student?

An internal student is a student who devotes all their time to their studies, work as a teaching assistant, and research at the Faculty. An internal student receives a scholarship, works as a teaching assistant (for an additional salary), and has access to an office at the Faculty, a computer, a mailbox, etc.

An external student is a student who works for a substantial part of the time outside the Technion (and who pays tuition fees). An external student must devote at least two days a week to study and research.

Most candidates admitted to M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees at the Faculty are admitted as internal students, unless they requested in advance to be admitted as external students and met stricter threshold standards, and their request was approved by the Admissions Committee.

Ph.D. students who wish to be external students must be internal students for at least one year over their period of study.

Note: The period of status as an internal student ends when the scholarship ends – see details regarding the duration of the scholarship.