Fellowships for internal students

As a general rule, the Faculty prefers internal students who receive a scholarship and work as assistants, spend all their time at the Faculty, receive an office with a computer, etc. These students receive five scholarship installments. The duration of the scholarship is 24 months for graduates of four-year B.Sc. degrees and 27 months for graduates of three-year B.Sc. degrees.

In both cases, an extension of the scholarship may be requested, up to a maximum of 30 months. In both cases the extension must be requested after 24 months, by means of the Scholarship Extension form.

Doctorate students receive six scholarship installments and the value of each installment is higher. The duration of a doctorate scholarship is 42 months (this may be extended to 48 months with the coordinator’s approval – for this purpose a Scholarship Extension form must be completed toward the completion of the 42 months). Students switching to the direct doctorate track will receive six installments after completing the switch. The duration of the scholarship in the direct doctorate track is 60 months, which may be extended to 66 months. For this purpose, a Scholarship Extension form must be completed. This period includes the duration of the scholarship for the M.Sc. degree. When the supervisor has suitable research grants, s/he may add an additional scholarship installment.

The financial value of the scholarship installment is detailed in the Scholarships information page of the Graduate School.

An additional excellence scholarship installment is given to outstanding undergraduate students in the first semester of their M.Sc. studies by the Graduate School. Faculty excellence installments are also available for outstanding research students.

While receiving a scholarship, students are not permitted to work in any other position (except as teaching assistants). See here for details of the scholarship duration and the definition of the installments.

A student who is still due a scholarship after submitting the thesis continues to receive a scholarship for up to 30 days after the examination (the sum of the scholarship is counted in days from the examination), or through the date of submission of the final version, whichever is the earlier.