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How, when and to which courses to register?

Registration to subjects takes place ahead of the beginning of each semester by completing the registration form on the Forms page of the website of the Graduate School. The decision about the subjects is made in coordination with the permanent or temporary supervisor, who signs the form. The completed form should be given to the Graduate Studies Coordinator. Registration should be completed by the beginning of the semester, although the usual practice at the Faculty us to permit registration for around 10 days thereafter, in order to allow students to visit classes before registering. In any case, the registration can be changed through the end of the period of changes (approximately three or four weeks after the start of the system – the last date for changes can be seen on the Important Dates page on the website of the Graduate School.

As a general rule, students can register for graduate subjects in computer science (xxx236 and xxx238). With the coordinator’s approval, students may register for graduate subjects from other faculties, particularly when the subject topic is connected to the student’s research topic (actual or anticipated). In any case, subjects belonging to the MBA Industry and Management track, as well as basic undergraduate compulsory courses in computer science, will not be approved.

M.Sc. students who hold a three-year B.Sc. degree may (with the coordinator’s approval) study up to six points out of the 30 required points in undergraduate subjects (xxx234). Graduates of three-year B.Sc. degrees must study the first 18 points from the list of subjects as described in the Faculty Graduate Studies Catalogue. Students who hold a four-year B.Sc. degree must study 18 graduate  degree points. M.Sc. students must study six points after approval of the research proposal (though they may study these points earlier after prior coordination with the intended supervisor).

As of Semester 1 in the 2009-2010 academic year, doctorate students are required to study:

- Graduate courses (or joint certification / graduate courses) at a scope of at least 12 points.

- Students in the direct doctorate track will be required to complete six points more than their requirement of points for the M.Sc.

Note: In order to switch to a new requirement, students who have begun their studies must be complying with their course obligations according to the previous requirement at the time of the switch.

In special cases, subjects may be studied at other universities or abroad. To arrange this, please contact the Deputy Dean for Graduate Studies.

The pass grade for graduate students is 65 (as opposed to 55 for certification studies). As a general rule, graduate students are required to obtain high grades in significant subjects. Very high grades received in “easy” subjects may not be taken into account in certain cases (such as for the purpose of a decision concerning cum laude status or prizes).

Additional comments

  • All the subjects for which a graduate student registers (including graduate, joint, and certification subjects) will be completed on the form, which is to be approved by the student and the supervisor (or temporary supervisor), and will be submitted to the Graduate Studies Coordinator in accordance with the above-mentioned dates, or as published from time to time. The form must be submitted and signed by the supervisor even if the student is not registering for any subject.

  • In accordance with the procedures, any subject registration requires the approval of the Deputy Dean for Graduate Studies. In particular, xxx234 subjects (with the exception of Digital Computer Structure) and subjects from other faculties will only be approved and recorded in the computer systems with the coordinator’s approval.

  • There are no pass/fail grades in graduate degrees (with the exception of subjects approved in advance in the catalogue, if any), but only percentage grades. Even with special authorization, it is not possible to receive pass/fail grades.