Computer and email accounts

Types of accounts

Every student receives three computer accounts:

1.       A Technion computer account on a tx computer (also known as techunix) – provides an email account with the format

2.       A Faculty computer account on a csd computer – provides an email account with the format

3.       A Faculty account for Windows computers.

You must open all these accounts and read email on both email accounts. You can forward email from one account to the other or elsewhere.

Instructions for opening the accounts

You should open the Technion account according to the instructions you received on your admission to studies, and these will also enable you to choose your username. The Technion account is opened on the page Computer Accounts on the website of the Computer and Information Systems Division.

Both the other accounts will be opened before you begin your studies, with the same username as the Technion account. The passwords to these accounts will be received from the Graduate Studies Coordinators at the Faculty, who will give you the account details and the initial password and obtain your signature on a computerized Opening of Personal Account form.

Additional information

For all requests concerning the office or equipment, please contact the Graduate Studies Coordinators at the Faculty.

For requests and problems concerning computers, please open a faculty in the Faculty helpdesk system on the Computer Services page of the Faculty website. For requests and problems on computer issues in the Technion account, access the Technion helpdesk.