CS Forms

  • Candidacy for Prize Form - to be completed on the computer (in bold) and printed - handwritten forms will not be accepted. Do not delete sections in the form even if you do not need to write in them.

  • Guidelines and form for submitting a research subject for a master's degree (Word) (pdf)

  • Form for registration of examiners for a master's examination (Word) (pdf)

  • Checklist form - completion of studies (Word) (pdf)

  • Checklist form - cessation of studies (Word) (pdf)

Forms for Admission to Ph.D. Degrees and Transfer from Direct Track to Ph.D.

  • Form for approval of research subject ahead of Ph.D.s (Word) (pdf)

  • Form for collating details for candidates for Ph.D. and direct track (Word) (pdf)

  • Evaluation form for a Ph.D. candidate (Word) (pdf)

  • Form for registration of examiners for candidacy for Ph.D (Word) (pdf)

  • Form for registration of examiners for a Ph.D. examination (Word) (pdf)

  • Form for travel to conferences overseas (Word) (pdf)

Forms of the Graduate Studies School

Here you can find forms for registration to courses, recognition of courses, scholarships, dorms, travel, etc.

Forms for Employment as Teaching Assistants

Form for declaration of work during reserve duty

Other Forms For other forms, please contact the Graduate Studies Coordinator at the Faculty. Several forms for use by faculty members are available through the Gradweb system.