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How Do You Turn a Degree into a Career?
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Tuesday, 1.9.2020, 17:00
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Zoom Lecture: Registration
You are invited to a lecture and conversation with Dr. Yonatan Yaniv, CS graduate and head of the research group at YOTPO, which will deal with the questions: Is it worth working during the degree? How to integrate into the industry, especially now in the Corona times? How do you find the right job for you? How to build a career path? Working in a large company compared to a start-up, and more.

The lecture will take place in the first part of the meeting and in the second part there will be a round of open questions (can be prepared in advance).

The meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 1, 2020, 17:00, via zoom (link will be sent after registration).How Do You Turn a Degree into a Career?
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