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The 9th Annual International TCE Conference on Autonomous Systems
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Wednesday, 11.9.2019, 09:00
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CS Taub Build. Auditorium 1
On Wednesday, September 11, TCE center will host this year the 9th annual Henry Taub International Conference on Autonomous Systems and will focus on the advent of autonomous systems including self-driving cars, automatic delivery drones, and service robots considered by many a major revolution of modern times that holds a profound impact on the economy and society.

The event will be a unique opportunity to hear and meet international experts from the academia and the industry working on various aspects of autonomous systems ranging from sensing and machine learning to cyber security. as follows:

Conference Chairs:
Alex Bronstein, Computer Science Department, Technion
Guy Gilboa, Electrical Engineerin, Technion

More details, program and registration.

Pictures from the event
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