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Some systems engineering problems and a little bit of theory
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Tuesday, 14.5.2019, 14:30
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Room 337 Taub Bld.
Advisor:  Ben-Gurion University
Host:  Yuval Filmus
We will consider the SITA server farm scheduling policies which were introduced and studied by Harchol-Balter and her collaborators. In particular we will discuss a recent INFOCOM17 paper of Doncel, Aalto and Ayesta and relate one of the tables there to the work of Riemann on the functional equation of the zeta function. We will also consider certain disk drive scheduling problems (travelling salesman on a disk drive) and then relate it to space-time geometry and in particular to gravitational lensing for positive mass particles. Finally we will relate, via airplane boarding, the disk scheduling problem with server farm scheduling. Short Bio: ========== Eitan Bachmat received his PhD in mathematics from M.I.T. and is currently a professor of computer science at Ben-Gurion University. Eitan works on problems in the areas of Storage Systems, Performance analysis, Systems engineering, Operations research, Autism, Personalized Medicine and Digital healthcare, using techniques from Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science. He is an expert on airplane boarding and express line queues and how they relate to relativity theory and number theory respectively. Eitan also works closely with industry and various organizations on diverse applications and holds 38 patents. ========================== Refreshments will be served from 14:15 Lecture starts at 14:30
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