ceClub: Real-time Hierarchical Heavy Hitters Measurements" (based on ACM SIGCOMM'17 paper)

Ran Ben-Basaf (CS, Technion)
Sunday, 3.12.2017, 13:00
EE Meyer Building 1061

Monitoring tasks, such as anomaly and DDoS detection, require identifying frequent flow aggregates based on common IP prefixes. These are known as hierarchical heavy hitters (HHH), where the hierarchy is determined based on the type of prefixes of interest in a given application. The per-packet complexity of existing HHH algorithms is proportional to the size of the hierarchy, imposing significant overheads.

In this talk, I will present a constant update time algorithm for identifying HHH with strong error guarantees. Unlike previous approaches, our solution allows line-speed HHH tracking in Open vSwitch, with only a small CPU overhead.

Ran is a Ph.D. candidate at the CS department of Technion under the supervision of Prof. Roy Friedman. He got my B.Sc and M.Sc from the same department. He is primarily interested in streaming algorithms for networking systems and measurement.

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