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CSpecial Talk: How to Turn a Degree to a Career
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Yonathan Yaniv (YOTPO)
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Sunday, 5.11.2017, 11:30
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CS Taub Build. Auditorium 1
We are happy to invite your to the first of series of meetings on career and job seeking which will be held at CS.

How to turn a degree to a career?
Dr. YonathanYaniv, a CS graduate and algorithms and learning system researcher at YOTPO, will give a talk on:
- Picking and selecting the right courses and project throughout studies.
- Choosing the right track
- Sorts of Student jobs

The event will be held on Sunday, November 5th, 17:00, Taub 5, CS Taub Building and is designated for CS undergraduate students.

Please pre-register.

See you there
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