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CSpecial Talk: Bitcoin “What and Why”
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Daniel Brunstein (Intel Israel)
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Sunday, 2.11.2014, 16:30
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Taub 2
Bitcoin is the first currency in human history that is decentralized and does not need Trust of a third party (like Banks, Credit Cards, PayPal etc…). It enables people to send money and pay one another directly and instantly, as with cash or gold, over the Internet. It is based on military-grade cryptography, distributed peer-to-peer networks, and the revolutionary BlockChain technology. The talk provides a basic overview of Bitcoin structure, politics and business perspective. But most of all, this talk will enlighten with the wide possibility of future innovation and how Bitcoin will disrupt existing markets and possibly change our lives. This session is open to all, and no previous knowledge is required.
Small Demo (free bitcoins) at the end (-:

Agenda in bullets
- What is Bitcoin
- Wallets (mobile, cloud, cold storage)
- Price and Market Capacitance
- Worldwide adoption by big corporations and merchants
- Regulatory environment
- Billion Dollar Markets being disrupted by Bitcoin
- Alternative crypto-currencies and Bitcoin 2.0
- VC investment in Bitcoin startups
- Bitcoin in Israel
- Bitcoin in the Academy
- Technical Agenda
- Public and Private Keys
- Mining - Blockchain - Security, 51% attack

Daniel Brunstein holds an MSc in Computer Science from the Technion (Computer Graphics under Chaim Gotsman and Gill Barequet). Dani is currently working in Intel Israel as a Software Designer in the Microprocessor Design Automation group. Dani is a Bitcoin expert and enthusiast.
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