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ceClub: Fence-Free Work Stealing on Bounded TSO Processors
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Adam Morrison (CS, Technion)
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Wednesday, 12.3.2014, 11:30
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Taub 601
Work stealing is the method of choice for load balancing in task parallel programming languages and frameworks. Yet despite considerable effort invested in optimizing work stealing task queues, existing algorithms issue a costly memory fence when removing a task, and these fences are believed to be necessary for correctness. We will refute this belief, demonstrating fence-free work stealing algorithms for microarchitectures with a bounded total store ordering (TSO) memory model. Bounded TSO is a novel restriction of TSO---which nevertheless captures mainstream x86 and SPARC TSO processors---in which a load can only be reordered with a bounded number of prior stores.

Adam Morrison is an Aly Kaufman Post Doctoral Fellow at the Technion, hosted by Hagit Attiya. His research focuses on bridging between the theory and practice of distributed programming---particularly concurrency and synchronization. He did his PhD work at Tel Aviv University, during which he was awarded an IBM PhD Fellowship as well as Intel and Deutch prizes.
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