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     Newest VersionLatest version 0.29- no installation needed

    Installation notes on version 0.26 - 0.29 :
        Due to large number of requests the .zip file now contains only an .exe and .hlp files, to be copied into the directory of previously installed version. Don't uninstall previous version before of after the copying!

     Installation notes to version 0.19 :
       Ignore everything outside this paragraph! Download the editor, unzip it and simply use the setup file...
    Installation notes... for any version older then v0.19
        After the download, all you need to do create a directory somewhere on you hard disk, and then unzip (use win zip if you do not have it yet)  into that directory. Happy cd-editing...

     Why so many different packages?
      Currently, the CD editor does not come with an installation package, i.e., a setup.exe program. Therefore you should follow the following procedure for installation:

     If you have downloaded the editor before, and managed to get it to start, you do not need to download mfc42.dll again.      In a nut shell, you may skip the download, if and only if you have one mfc42.dll on your hard disk and it is version    6.00.8267.0 or higher.

    If you downloaded the editor without mfc42.dll, and it did not start, all you need to do is download mfc42.dll.