Package Relations

Package Relations Tool is a static tool that yields an interconnect diagram of a set of packages from the workspace.

Figure: Package Relations Dialog.

Overview and Definitions

The package relations tool provides a mean to inspect the relations between packages in a project. A "relation" between two packages is of dependency between said packages. If a certain compilation unit (a .java file) imports a certain class from the other package, this means the code in that compilation unit uses code from the imported package. We say that the importing package is using the imported package. The tool can be invoked from the Eclipse Explorer Toolbox.


Once the tool is invoked, a dialog box displaying the available project in the workspace pops up. Selecting one of the listed projects lists its available packages (that is, packages that their source code is available). Note that linked content packages are also available. Once selecting a project, select any subset of its packages. Once done, press OK. A diagram displaying the package relations will be displayed shortly after.

Package Relations Diagram

The diagram expresses the package relations as a directed graph. Every package is a node. There an edge from package x to package y if (and only if) package x uses package y. Hovering the mouse over a node focuses on the node. Focused nodes, the edges coming out of them and their dependencies are highlighted. Also, a text box listing their dependencies is displayed.

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