Breakpoints Control

Placing breakpoints is a Static tool that uses an output of a Dynamic Tool

User can place breakpoints on some methods, which were added during the previous research. Breakpoints can be added from Call Tree View. User has to choose methods he wants to break on the program execution. The choice is made as regular selection: selecting area with mouse, selecting one item by mouse click, selecting number of items by click a mouse button with Ctrl button pressed. After selection is done, user presses right mouse button, pops up the context menu and selects "Insert Breakpoints". After this action pop-up menu is closed and breakpoints are added to selected methods. If some of the methods already had the breakpoints no additional breakpoints will be added. User can easily check and inspect, on which methods breakpoints are placed: the regular blue breakpoint label is added to the source code of these methods.

User can delete breakpoints from methods by selecting methods, where he wills to remove the breakpoints (in the same way, as when placing breakpoints), pressing right mouse click, which pops up the context menu and selecting “Delete Breakpoints”. After this operation the context menu is closed and breakpoints will be deleted from selected methods. If methods without breakpoints were selected, nothing happens with these methods.

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