AI Laboratory

Computer Science Department of Technion 
Fall Semester 98

Instructor: Dr. Shaul Markovitch . ( Room 464 ).
Assistant: Lev Finkelstein. ( Room 239/2, tel. 3383, Reception: Wed. 14:00-15:00)


"Employing Machine Learning Techniques for Classifying Email"

The deadline (28.02.99) is over. Please be in touch with Lev Finkelstein to set a date for a meeting.
Attention: the problem is to be able to distinguish ANY mail type, and not only spam mail.

Input data example: spam mail:
        The original mailbox:
               gzip format spam.rawdata.gz, zip format
        The mailbox in the format of the task (delimiter ---@@@=AILAB=@@@---):
               gzip format spam.ailab.gz, zip format
        The mailbox with headers in the format of the task (delimiter ---@@@=AILAB=@@@---):
               gzip format spam.ailab.with_headres.gz, zip format
        Attention:  Browsers on PC get the .gz files from this site with errors.

        Note:   You CAN use the header information if it is present, but your program must also know to handle
                       pure text.
        The converter from mailbox file to the format of the task: spam.c
        A batch interface to consult (C4.5): Please read the README file.


Should be directed to Lev Finkelstein

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