236364 - Operating Systems Structure
Spring 2002

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Date Message
2002-03-13 Welcome to the Operating Systems Structure course.
We have opened another recitation (tirgul). The exact time and place will be announced soon.
Erez Hadad's lecture has been moved to Wednesdays, so there will be a lecture on Sundays and the other one on Wednesdays. Please check Time and Places.
On the first week there won't be lectures nor recitations. Both will start on Sunday the 17th.
2002-03-17 We have added a new recitation on Thursdays' mornings.
2002-04-22 Dry 1 was postponed. New submission: Tuesday 30-04-02 13:00.
2002-05-19 Wet 1 was postponed. New submission: Wednesday 22-05-02 13:00.
2002-06-02 Dry 2 was postponed. New submission: Monday 10-06-02 13:00.
2002-06-23 Wet 2 was postponed. New submission: Monday 1-07-02 13:00

Homework Assignments

Text / Code TA in charge Hand Out Hand In More Info
Dry 1 Dry1.ps (Postscript)
Dry1.doc (MS Word)
Uriel Cohen 11/04/02 25/04/02 at 13:00 FAQ
Wet 1 Wet1.ps (Postscript)
Wet1.doc (MS Word)
Uriel Cohen 25/04/02 22/05/02 at 13:00 FAQ
Dry 2 Dry2.ps (Postscript)
Dry2.doc (MS Word)
Uriel Cohen 22/05/02 10/06/02 at 13:00 FAQ
Wet 2 Wet2.ps (Postscript)
Wet2.doc (MS Word)
Alina Naimark 06/06/02 1/07/02 at 13:00 FAQ
Dry 1 Partial Solution Dry1-PartialSolution.ps (Postscript)
Dry1-PartialSolution.doc (MS Word)